Decorative Edge Covers

Decorative Edge Paver Infill Access Covers

For aesthetic purposes our decorative edge covers are available in stainless steel or brass and are designed to increase the rebate depth to accommodate the required tile or paver. Traditionally these covers are used in high pedestrian areas such as restaurants, shopping centres, walkways and airport terminals.

All Hydro covers are manufactured to Australian Standards AS3996 load ratings and come in either class B or class D and are available as multi part covers on request.  For more information please contact one of our friendly staff on 1300 GO HYDRO. 

Stainless Steel Edging

25mm Edging

Class BClass DClear Opening
A30B-25SSA30D-25SS300 x 300
A45B-25SS A45D-25SS450 x 450
A66B-25SSA66D-25SS600 x 600
A75B-25SSA75D-25SS750 x 750
A96B-25SSA96D-25SS900 x 600
A99B-25SSA99D-25SS900 x 900

40mm Edging

Class BClass DClear Opening
A30B-40SSA30D-40SS300 x 300
A45B-40SS A45D-40SS450 x 450
A66B-40SSA66D-40SS600 x 600
A75B-40SSA75D-40SS750 x 750
A96B-40SSA96D-40SS900 x 600
 A99B-40SSA99D-40SS900 x 900

60mm Edging

Class BClass DClear Opening
A30B-60SSA30D-60SS300 x 300
A45B-60SS A45D-60SS450 x 450
A66B-60SSA66D-60SS600 x 600
A75B-60SSA75D-60SS750 x 750
A96B-60SSA96D-60SS900 x 600
A99B-60SSA99D-60SS900 x 900

Brass Edging

Brass Edge

Class BClass DClear Opening
A30BA30D300 x 300
A45BA45D450 x 450
A66BA66D600 x 600
A96BA96D900 x 600
A99BA99D900 x 900