MEA Traffic

No matter which channel system you use for the task in hand, Hydros’ DRAIN Traffic delivers decades of expertise in professional surface drainage for every conceivable application.

Road & Tramway Drainage

Application Types

  • Infrastructure & Traffic
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Urban Architecture

Includes – Roads, intersections & highways, airports & docks, train & light rail, road crossings.


  • Monolithic Polymer Concrete drainage channels (MEA Traffic D System)
  • Polymer Concrete drainage channels for open porous asphalt (MEA Traffic opA System))
  • Polymer Concrete drainage channels with cast iron edge rail (Supreme C))
  • Polymer Concrete drainage channels (MEA Traffic MEAKERB)

Technical Data

For detailed info on each above product range including Channels/Grate Options/ Accessories click here

Project Specification/Case Studies

For Train and Light Rail Drainage solution spec sheet – Click here  

Solutions In Practice