Hydro Stainless

BESPOKE Stainless Steel Grates and Frames

Manufactured to your exact specifications

Hydro Grates and Frames are manufactured in either #304 or #316 grade Stainless Steels to suit site specifications, all complete with concrete ties and angle frame ends to enclose the frame. Frames are manufactured as a single item and can include lockdowns. Grates are manufactured in equal length sections, calculated as close to a one linear metre section as site dimensions allow. No grate length is longer than 1500mm.

Key features:

  • Available in load classes up to Class D, Hydro can custom make grates and frames to suit heavy applications.
  • Frame size options include 25x25x5mm, 30x30x5mm or 50x50x5mm.

Sump Pits:

Hydro can also make Stainless Steel grates and frames to suit your Pit specifications.