Domestic DIY

MEA Gala

Garden & Landscaping / DIY

Quick to install by both the home handyman and tradesman, Hydro MEAGARD Polymer Concrete Channels are the ideal product for home construction, gardens, garage driveways and landscaping projects. Able to bear the weight of a passenger car, the channels are available in 3 different clear opening sizes with a variety of grate options.

Application Types

  • Domestic Applications
  • Gardening & Landscape
  • Urban Architecture

Includes – Roads, intersections & highways, airports & docks, train & light rail, road crossings.


  • PE Plastic drainage system with integrated grate (MEADRIVE)
  • Polymer Concrete drainage channels with covering grate options (MEAGARD)
  • Powder Coated Grate options (MEA BEAUTY)
  • Polymer Concrete Point Drains