Cable Pits

Ductile Iron Access Covers

Key features:

  • Class Load Options: Available in either Class B or D (G on request).
  • Variety: Available in either a with recessed top (Concrete Infill) or Solid Top.
  • Load Transferring: Hydro Ductile Iron Covers are designed to sit inside a frame that is cast above the top of the polymer pit to restrict the load transferring.
  • Match with Surrounds: Coloured Concrete, Aggregate or Bitumen can be poured into the cover to match the surroundings of the environment. The Covers are not suitable to be used with pavers.
  • Multiple Edge Options: For aesthetic purposes a brass or stainless edge can be supplied on the Class B Covers only.
  • Lifting Keys: Short and Long Handle keys are also available to purchase.

Made to order covers

Can’t find what your looking for? A large range of covers can be supplied or manufactured to suit various applications or requirements of projects. Covers can be manufactured from Galvanised Mild Steel, Galvanised Checker plate steel & Cast Iron as Solid Top Drop In or Recessed. Some covers can also be supplied with a locking mechanism where required. Where there is a requirement for pits to be installed, special manufactured covers can be supplied to specification and installed on top of in-situ pits. For more information please contact Hydro on 1300 GO HYDRO. Multipart covers are available upon request.

Solid Top Covers (Class B / Class D)

Part No. Class BPart No. Class DCO Length x Width
A66SBA66SD600 x 600
A96SBA96SD900 x 600
A99SBA99SD900 x 900

Concrete Infill Covers (Class B / Class D)

Part No. Class BPart No. Class DCO Length x Width
300 x 300
450 x 450
A66BA66D600 x 600
A96BA96D900 x 600
A99BA99D900 x 900

Solid Top Circular Covers (Class B / Class D)

Part No. Class BPart No. Class DDimensions
A60BA60D614 diameter

Recessed Circular Covers

Part No. Class BPart No. Class DDimensions
A60RSBA60RSD614 diameter