World class products with aesthetic finish

With the many variables that can dictate the customer’s requirements, every Hydro Stainless steel bathroom trough and grate system is custom made specifically to suit the customer’s specifications. Available in grade 304 or 316 stainless steels, Hydro trough and grate systems can be made with fully integrated fixed or moveable outlets, mitres and stainless steel strainers. Stylish bathroom or R12 slip resistance finish can be included on request.

Key features:

  • Simple square trough where grate side banding will equal internal trough depth.
  • Available in shallow depths to suit existing or new application types.
  • Lineal design ensures easy and fast installation.
  • Large range of stainless steel grates available.
  • Add a touch of elegance with LED lighting.

Includes – Roads, intersections & highways, airports & docks, train & light rail, road crossings.


Perfect for residential or commercial bathrooms

Lineal Tile Insert Drain

Discrete drainage solution. Blends in with the surrounding tiles. Stainless Steel grate replaced with customers tiles. Small gap surrounding the tile allows water to drain.

Point Drain

Typically located at the centre of the shower or bathroom floor, Hydro Point Drains are a cost effective solution which is available in multiple grate and pattern designs. Point Drains can also be matched to lineal floor drainage design.

Tile Fold Trough Design

Designed for flush against a wall. Ideal for simple single outlet runs, drains with flanges which are tiled over. Used in areas such as Bathrooms, Balconies and the Healthcare industry.