Allure - Stainless Channel

Allure – Stainless Channel

Hydro Construction Products specializes in providing modern and effective drainage solutions. We provide unrivaled service, so you get the drainage solution you need. We are proud to present our Hydro Performer Series of traditional square style floor wastes and linear drainage systems, available with stainless steel or uPVC channels and accessories.


  • Balcony
  • Bathroom
  • Courtyard/Patio
  • Paved Area
  • Pool Area
  • Shower
  • Residential
  • Sports & Leisure Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Stainless Steel Channel with Heelguard Grate

Modular drainage kit with removable heelguard stainless steel grate, a UPVC drainage channel, and hair filter.

SHG-70/120070mm25mm1200mm 50 
SHG-100/900100mm 25mm900mm80
SHG-100/1000100mm 25mm1000mm80
SHG-100/1200100mm 25mm1200mm80
SHG-100/1500100mm 25mm1500mm80

Stainless Steel Channel with Tile Insert

Modular full stainless steel drainage kit available with tile insert grate, a stainless steel drainage channel, and hair filter. 

CodeWidthDepthLengthOutlet Size
STI-70/900 70mm25mm900mm 50 
STI-70/1000 70mm25mm1000mm 50 
STI-70/1200 70mm25mm1200mm  50 
STI-70/150070mm25mm1500mm 50 
STI-100/900100mm25mm900mm 80
STI-100/1000100mm25mm1000mm 80
STI-100/1200100mm25mm1200mm 80
STI-100/1500100mm25mm1500mm 80

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